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From the Desk of Dr. Holly Goodhead
or What if i gave a Kvetch and nobody heard?
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6th-Mar-2010 08:34 am - Your Eyez are Not Deceiving you
Yes I know it's been 7 months since I last posted here. I guess I have semi shiny syndrome aka FB, too.

My pal Evil Kim and her husband, the equally Evil Jim were in town for a few days and it was a rocking good time. Yesterday we went on the SpudVegas tour: The sign, Firefly, Gambler's General Store and eventually downtown via Dah. Spud took the Dahaxi back home and we stayed for a few hours as they are rabid poker fans and of course we had to go play a few hands at Binion's. Yes I played poker, something I haven't done for years and now I remember why. After losing a nice hand to Kimmy's full boat, I wandered over to my regular 50 hand .01 machines and recouped most of my $$. YEAH...

We walked about some -- even getting Team KimJim pics at MJ's "Best tail in town" sign even though Kim has boy butt. We caught a cab at Fitz and returned to our abodes which is the whole purpose of my re-entry into the blogosphere.

Our driver, Gao, was from Ethiopia. Now for those of you who don't know, when I was young--really young--we lived in Burundi & in Ethiopia. 6 months in each place. We lived in Asmara which is now part of the new country (since 1991) of Eritrea. There is a lot of tribal history in all of Africa and we only have a very tiny pinprick view of what really happens over there. If Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News says 500 people were killed in tribal warfare in Addis Ababa today, do we even react? I know I don't.

As we were pulling into the Venetian to say goodbye to Team KimJim I told him I would move to the back and he said it wasn't necessary. So I sat up front and we chatted.

Turns out Gao had been a journalist for a newspaper in Addis Ababa (the capital of Ethiopia) and as a result he has been arrested and jailed over 130 times. The last time was in 2000 when he was kept in a box for 51 days only being allowed to stand up 20 minutes per day to stretch his legs and pee/poo. No light, no room, no noise. Except when he was tortured. In the course of his Journalistic career he was shot 5 times. By his government. For reporting the news. Imagine Glenn Beck being shot for even 1 of the things he says. He showed me 3 of his scars. He spoke lovingly of his dad who lived to be 100.6 years old and died last year and of his sadness to not be able to attend his funeral. We talked on the ride home of the 550 previous Kings of Ethiopia before Haile Selassie I aka Jah according to the Rastafarians. About how he was descended from Menelik -- Son of Solomon & Mekeda.

For the last 10 minutes of the ride he was telling me how sad it makes him that most Americans that he interacts with, and as a cab driver in Vegas, that's 5 days per week 12 hours per day for the most part, really have no idea what real adversity is like. And he said. I hope they never have to find out. he told me that while he misses his country, he feels he is very lucky to be here in the US. He said his 1st 3 years were spent in Michigan where he went to school and got a degree, in part using his degree from University at home. Not only does he drive a cab but he owns a small radio station where every Sunday & Monday, he broadcasts to the US Ethiopian community news from home, local information regarding communities of Ethiopian immigrants throughout the US and various other culturally diverse events. He's been in Vegas for 5 years, is a new home owner buying a house for 78K last year in a decent neighborhood. As we pulled up to my house he said that he was very happy to meet me, a person who actually would treat him as an equal. And as we shook hands upon departing he said that he never imagined he could have a life like he has now and it made those 51 days in the box worth it.

...and I came home with a renewed appreciation of the country that I live in. Doesn't mean that I wouldn't still like to gag Glenn Beck. But if it were up to him, Gao would never be here.
13th-Sep-2009 01:27 pm - Update 2.0
Ok so it's a while since I blogged.. it's been a hella summer...

Graduation week was awesome.. There are pics on Flickr but someone reported me AGAIN for something stoopid. and i'm behind the kittens so if you aren't a member of Flickr I don't think you can see them.  Speaking of Flickr..i think I'm done with them for a while.  I mean seriously..you put shite behind the kittens just because some angry biatch is pissed off???

anyway..if you care to peep.. here they are..

The week started with the arrival of our crazy friend Steve and ended the following Tuesday with the purchase of Spud's new Palm Pre -- 1st day of sale.. and he loves it long time.  It was great to see all our friends from around the country including my Buffalo Bingo Babes.. was sad that I couldn't play more -- but there is always January!!!

The summer continued with traveling back and forth between Phoenix & Vegas.  Allan & I spent the summer looking at Vegas houses for his pending move here.  He hasn't sold his house in Phoenix yet but there is a lot of traffic and his R/E agent there is showing it almost daily.  On the good news front, he did finally find a house here and pending inspection tomorrow -- the closing will be on 9/28.  it's a little farther away from my house than he wanted to be but still within 10 miles which is close enough.  He is still threatening to get the house next door and "make it work" ... Bah!!

The Bash was great and we had our 2nd Annual Pacific Northwest Friday night dinner..which was awesome.. however I think next year we are going off site, despite what MJ says.  I think we were 15 total..but the loverly Wendy was sneaking refills on my Margaritas so my count might be off a bit. 

here are a few pics of the dinner..including one of Jolene snockered..

In early August..my "daughter from another life" Roseann and her family came to visit for a week.. we got rooms at the Luxor and hung out for a week.  ended up driving to Santa Monica for the day so her husband, Dan, who is from Sweden, could swim in the Pacific Ocean.  It was awesome weather..not really too hot while they were here.. did a bunch of touist stuff that we wouldn't have otherwise done.  and I do believe at some point one of the twins yelled "Vegas Baaaby" in the lobby of the Luxor. 

I'm in the process of trying to settle up with the IRS.. finally got 2007 & 2008 filed on Wednesday and I need to call them tomorow to make sure we're kosher... speaking of kosher.. Allan and i met with the Rabbi here in Vegas -- not that he's got one religious bone in his body NOR are we planning to have children.. but to make life a little easier for him, I agreed.  Apparently since we aren't planning to have children or having any under the age of 13 -- the rebbe doesn't think it would be necessary for me to convert.  I also know enough yiddish to pass.. I blame 22 years of living in NY for that.  and i told him it's pretty hard to convert TO something when you AREN'T something already.

I had tentatively made plans to go to DragonCon in Atlanta as a vendor..but McCrazy called and was coming to town so i scrapped those plans. Speaking of McCrazy -- Tiffiany has reppeared and says she's staying in Texas.. we'll see... Had a lovely dinner and night out with him.. Red 8 @ Wynn.. sat thought 3 of the water shows in the little outdoor bar-- and later played Blackjack until 3am.. i think i'm still in recovery.

had an unexpected vending show -- got the call the day before.. Convergence 2009--Chubs & Chasers--the gay male equivilant of the BBW Bash.  Surprisingly for "not my audience" I did pretty well over 3 days.  of course where this a chubby gay man can a chubby mother/sister co-worker be far behind?? I am also working the Gay Rodeo - male & female this coming weekend.  Horseman park for those of you in Vegas.. should be well interesting. 
I have a few smaller shows coming up.. then the Fetish & Fantasy ball at the Hard Rock on the 31st.  However McCrazy made mention of a few of us joining him in Key West for their event.. it remains to be seen if he comes up with tickets/hotel for that time.

Thats about all.. Cheers...

Houssie..if you are reading this.. you inspired me to come back..

20th-Jul-2009 11:20 am - 15% off @ Zoe's Bags
Gawd i love "made up" words..

About a year and a half ago while cruising Etsy --the premiere website for all things hand made, I came across some small bags that I thought would ROCK as plus-sized party pouches!! I dropped a note to the designer with some changes that could be made to customize them in order to be a better fit for our ample curves and thus was born a relationship between OMGoddess & Zoe's Bags.  

Karen, the owner/designer, was working on a new idea that had evolved out of every woman's innate need to match her bag to her outfit.  Ok I'm the exception to this.  But how many times have you got out and couldn't find a purse to match your mood/outfit etc.  
 Or worse.. you have a bag that you love.  It has just the right # of pockets that can keep your cell phone, your wallet, bottle of water, your 4 colors of bingo daubers  etc in but it just clashes with orange/black outfit you are wearing??

Enter the Morphin.  It's a basic bag..
<img src="http://photos.zoedesignsltd.com/images/A_9/2/6/1/51629/zeldinapockets_4cbe2.jpg">
and comes in 3 sizes depending on what your needs are.  

Then comes the FUN part.. the flaps.  
No longer are you forced to stick to switching out your bag before you run out the door.. all you do is change your flap.  they clip for ease and wallah .. you are in business...

<img src="http://photos.zoedesignsltd.com/images/A_9/2/6/1/51629/DSC04113_408fc.JPG"><br> There are literally 1000's of options.  over 500 in the store.. plus suppose you are roaming the shopping stalls in Mumbai and find some fabulous fabric..one of a kind, hand dyed etc etc.  You have a dress made in it.. and an extra 1/2 yard.. you can have a flap made to fit your Morphin.  

Love baseball?? have a <a href="http://www.zoesbagboutiqueshop.com/catalog.php?item=524"> baseball flap</a> (she's got the fabric already)
are you a Bingo Babe?? What better way to celebrate your win with a <a href="http://www.zoesbagboutiqueshop.com/catalog.php?item=300"> bingo flap</a> (yes there is fabric for that too).  
<a href="http://www.zoesbagboutiqueshop.com/catalog.php?item=593">Cataholic?</a>
Night on the town??  Don't switch purses.. switch<a href="http://www.zoesbagboutiqueshop.com/catalog.php?item=563"> flaps.. </a>
If you travel..you know what a pain it is to carry extra purses just to match your outfits.. No need with the morphin.  All you do is pack the flaps .. they lay flat or you can roll them up..leaving room for the important things..like clothing.. or the etcs..that we won't mention here.  

Guys..don't be left out.. after all ..messenger bags were created back in the 1970's when the bike messengers in NYC were swerving in and out of traffic.. they had these bags that could hold all their 'stuff' and leave their hands free.  and there are GuyFabrics that make you feel like the macho man we know you are.  
<a href="http://photos.zoedesignsltd.com/images/A_9/2/6/1/51629/zDSC05173_758f8.jpg">Murse 1</a><br>
<a href="http://photos.zoedesignsltd.com/images/A_9/2/6/1/51629/zdDSC04884_ec968.jpg">Murse 2</a>

My BBW sisters...the straps can be adjusted to accommodate our ample ASSets..whether it is boobs or backsides.. just let her know..

For the next week if you put " Holly" (the word, not MOI cuz you know my arse would never fit through that little boxi) as the discount code on the check out... you'll get an additional 15% off..

BTW..it's not too early to start thinking about XXXmas -- If you had a morphin, you could just direct your little elves to the pick-a-flap page and no longer would you have to put that stinky perfume on or goo-goo gah-gah over some new dust catching chachkes.  


Warning: Cross posted to Facebook/Live Journal

17th-Jul-2009 09:27 pm - ...And that's the way it is...

Norfolk, VA 23505
Originally uploaded by CWM23505.

We got our first family TV in 1965..I was 10 years old. It was during the escalation of the Vietnam war. Every night grandfatherly Walter Cronkite would come on the news and tell us. "44 casualties & 350 injured today" .. every single day until end of the war in 1975. In between he told us of the last great achievement we as a nation made, the original moonwalk by Neil Armstrong. Of a breakin at Watergate. Of a 1972 bombing at the Olympics in Munich. And day after day while 52 Americans were held hostage in Iran.

I can't help but thing that if he'd been reporting after we invaded Iraq the true number of soldiers killed and wounded.. we'd of been out of there by the time that one guy uttered "Mission Accomplished"

With the new media, gone are the days that we look to a central figure to report the news. We know almost instantly when Obama farts or some self-loathing entertainer finally gets back on top of the charts by dying. But there is a generation of over the hill baby boomers who would still like to be reassured by that clear and steady voice every night ..that's the way it is... July 17, 2009.

14th-Jul-2009 05:10 pm - Long time no post
I really need to find an application that posts on FB/multiply/yahoo & LJ. Of course I could "copy and paste" it to all 3 but some folks I know are on all 4 so how boring would that be.

House: coming along.. we've had AC issues over the last few months but hopefully they are repaired.

The boys are leaving for China tomorrow.. for 10 days / 2 weeks. It will be good to have the whole house -- it will be bad because I have to do doggie duty. Speaking of doggy duty.. i'm waaay over pissed because for 3 weeks i've been telling them to empty the back yard poop can (it's wrapped) but one of them does nothing to contribute to the ongoing up keep of the house and the other one is a Jose.. procrastination thy name is Joe. and today the excuse was his back hurt.. i said fuck it and did it myself.. it was stinky.. waaay stinky.

Work: Challenging as ever .. I hate to have work/life mix but it did a few months ago.. and the results is not as positive as I'd like. In fact it's downright crappy but more on that later. Our over all sales are up 85.1% over this same time last year. So yeah..

Love life: We are still plugging along.. Darth Allan and I. He's in Cali all week but is coming to Vegas to party with the Phat Chix this weekend. I told him i'd let him actually meet a few more of my friends if he was buying dinner. LMAO. I did finally, after a year, go out with my Staten Island Stalker.. turns out he is really a nice guy. (this is the guy i stood up 3 times and he still didn't give up) If i was living in NY, if I wasn't emotionally and physically vested already and If I thought i could be a "good" girl friend, he'd totally be in the running to be my BFF.

Misc: Sad to see so many celebrities dying off.. I thought it was the rapture but then Jacko went and I knew I was wrong on that. ok I loved his music up until the 90's. After that NOT so much.

This is BBW week in Vegas.. (more on that later)...

Where I've been: LBS @ Red Rock.. good. Monte Carlo buffet..2nd visit.. terrible. Zack's Cafe on Spring Mt. & Durango.. Excellent!! Olives in Bellagio.. ok.. not really Italian..more like Italy meets greece with a little french thown in. The wine was excellent and the ambiance was fab. Going to Dick's Last Call tomorrow.. should be fun.

That's about it.. catch me on FB.. daily.. here not so much.
10th-Jul-2009 06:46 pm - Darryl B oh Mary Jane..

Darryl B
Originally uploaded by Itinerant.

Lookie what Joe found

26th-Jun-2009 08:39 pm - Good Bye

Good Bye
Originally uploaded by 5theyeV2.

Nice pic from the Hollywood Walk of Fame

OMG my phone is blowing up with Jacko jokes today... text is not his friend..

I guess there will now be a Thriller pt. 2.. with Jacko as an acutal Zombie..

Anyway..I've determined that I loved his music up until Black & White and after that it was all down hill. Ok Smooth Criminal was ok.. but he was already moving to that really freaky stage of wannabe.

So I hope he is now able to accept himself as he is and will come back in his next life and actually have a childhood.

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